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In discussing it with a buddy of mine, we both agreed that it may have been cooler had they awoken someone else out of stasis rather than Khan. Even though it is an alternate reality, seriously, what were the chances they awaken the same person as Kirk did?

Personally, if they had awoken someone else, it would have been surreal if when the camera panned over the rest of the others in stasis, if we did see someone that looked like Ricardo. My gripe was just, from the time the Botany Bay was in space, it shouldn't have been affected by the changes in the realities, so theoretically, shouldn't Khan resemble his TOS counterpart? I wouldn't mind, it was just that Cumberbatch, to me, doesn't have any sort of resemblance to Montalban. Plus he speaks with a British accent, but, hey, that's just me.
I agree. Khan was just a nod to the Star Trek fans that wanted to see him. He's really a bland character that could've been played by any superman. They could've done this story with anyone in the 23rd century on another planet. Aided in help from an alien race that hasn't evolved to the point humans have. A little makeup on the British guy, and a completely different movie.
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