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I support the President and voted for him, but the one thing I find very objectionable about him is that he has not differentiated himself from Bush much with regard to national security. So I very much appreciate the Star Trek writers taking a stand on the shit that's gone down in my country since 9/11/2001. I was really shocked at something so explicit - and it's not momentary or cursory; Kirk comes back to the theme in his address at Starfleet which ends the film.

Yeah, I enjoyed this aspect of the film. I thought it was explicit but not overbearing.

He actually has differentiated himself from Bush. We are now shipping arms to our enemies, we are using drones more often to wack a terrorist than capturing them for intelligence purposes. There are more drone strikes under Obama then Bush, and Obama has no problem using them against citizens without due process. So there are big big differences if you pay attention.

I am glad Trek has gone back to doing social commentary, it throws the ideas out there, you don't have to agree with it, but it throws the questions out there for it to be discussed.

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