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Here's where I'll be posting shots of my Jem Hadar and Cardassian warships. Heres a few to start off with;

Keldon Class warship

I've always loved this beefed up Cardassian warship ever since I first saw it in the DS9 Season 3 episode, 'Defiant'. Unfortunately, we only ever saw them getting their butts very thoroughly wooped and then that was it - we never saw them involved in some of those big Dominion battles later on which always disappointed me. Browzing in the Sketchup warehouse I realised that nobody had really created this variant, I thought I'd have a crack at it.*There was already a perfectly good Galor class warship model created by ALM Works, which is what the bulk of this model consists of, so thanks and credit go to him for that. Upon closer inspection, the original disruptor array and saucer section at the front weren't quite right, so I took those out and remodeled them completely, then added the Keldon class add-ons (the spine section and tail fins). There was also a very nice CGI render on Drexfiles of the Galor class, which I used for texturing the skin.

Check out my gallery here:
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