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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

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From the Maquis perspective, the Federation abandoned their colonies.

There should have been a lot more resentment among the Maquis than we saw.
This is as assumption too, you have a group of people with a lot the same background facing a common enemy. That can level all kinds of differences in a hurry.
Of course it's all assumption.

As are your assumptions that they'd all get along hunky dory.

However, mine is based on an understanding of history. There's still a lot of resentment in Indian Country over broken treaties--a hundred years later. That's not an assumption. That's fact.
The Maquis were much more like settlers who wanted the cavalry to chase out the Indians now rather than when Washington tod them to. Their colonoies were in no sense separate nations undone by treachery. History speaks against the notion of genuinely deep and bitter resentments between Federation and Maquis. The Maquis are anti-Nazi and the Federation is anti-Nazi, their differences are merely tactical.

In general, every view of the Maquis that claims that the Maquis were deep-rooted enemies of Federatino "values" is a projection of a personal distaste for Trek-style humanitarianism. The only distinct political values attributed to the Maquis was their belief that Captain Chakotay should settle differences with his fists. There is no rational way to believe that this kind of thing will get them home. And the only entertainment value in this kind of thing is what you got from fist fights you watched in middle school. None of this is very good writing or much fun.
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