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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Once upon a time

The kid is super cute, but isn't she big for a four year old? Neelix is watching her while her mother is on an away mission. The away mission gets hit be a storm, and the shuttle is stranded. Voyager needs to find her!

I like it that the doc is Naomi's teacher. He sure has his uses. The doc is one of the most useful members of the crew. Neelix tries to keep Naoimi busy while voyager tries to find her mother.

When Janeway tells Neelix to explain the situation to Naoimi he yells at the captain! Janeway takes it in stride, and keeps her calm. She reassures Neelix and gives him the confidence that he needs to tell her. Neelix is afraid to tell her because of the pain he experienced as a child when he lost his family.

Her mother is saved after Paris gets to give a touching goodbye message. The writers avoid having to deal with tuvok and emotion by saying he would says his goodbyes in writing...

The end is a happy ending with Naomi, her mother, and Neelix in her fairy tale holo deck scene. Janeway even crashed the party, and her and Neelix had a few kind words together to show us that there are no hard feelings between them.

Favorite part: I really like how neelix's character has grown throughout season four and the start of five. He has gone beyond his happy go lucky self, and he shows pain, anger, and yet is often still the jolly morale officer we know and love!

Least favorite part: we did not get to see b'ellana being sad, thinking that Paris would die. I like it when she back talks chakotay to get her way to protect Paris!
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