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Re: Spock's line *Major Major Spoilers*

In my theater, when Khan announced his name several people guffaw'ed (as if they couldn't have figured it out when they showed that the 70 odd torpedoes contained cryogens...) and I was a little let down but as the film progressed I slowly started thinking things like "Ricardo who?"

Then came the radiation death scene and the only thing I was thinking was, "Please don't say 'Oh my" please don't say "oh my" please don't say 'oh my'" and he didn't.

and then I facepalmed... quite the rollercoaster, this film!

I still loved this film and as a sequel or remake (a requel?) it was really well done. I later looked at a pic of Montalban as Khan with all that lovely hair and snickered that THIS guy couldn't take out a whole squad of Klingons and decided to go into my second viewing with less fanwanky expectations.
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