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Re: TBBS Fanfic Recommendations

I love the idea of this thread and would like to help get it back on track with a non-self-promoting recommendation of my own: Star Trek: Illustrious by our very own Scatter. To be perfectly honest, I stumbled upon it quite by accident, but found myself absolutely hooked from the first episode.

Unlike other contributors here, this is written in script/screenplay format, instead of straight prose. I've heard that some may find that a tad difficult to follow but I, for one, thought it read quite nicely. The writing is good and tight colorful so that the characters truly seem to come to life on the page. The plot and storyline(s) are well thought out and integrated and, to be honest, just a lot of damn fun to read. I will be honest, with apologies to the author: there are a few elements some might consider "fanboyish", but I honestly don't find them a distraction and suspect that they were added intentionally with an eye toward what might be necessary to actually get a series version of Illustrious on the air (for instance, bringing back some familiar characters, a "cool ship", etc.) And seriously, I enjoyed these and many, many other aspects of this series. Besides, there's a little fanboy (or fangirl) in us all ... isn't there?

I can't wait for Season 2. :thumbsup:

*edited to more accurately reflect my thoughts on one point.*
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