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Re: What's Up with the Warp Core (SPOILERS Into Darkness)

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I'm in the minority here. I don't like it. I feel that it is reflective of something that might have been passable in a low-budget film. I feel that the engine cores in the classic Trek were far more believable, mainly, because, there was thought put into the design. What we saw in the series was the reaction chamber which was part of a larger engineering system. And, if I remember rightly, Kirk had to climb his way up to the connection point, because there were no stairways and no catwalks. And, when he got there, he literally had to kick one of the connection points into place. Really? And where was the dilithium crystal to modulate the reaction? I didn't see one.
The bluish-glowing tips of the two halves appeared to be some kind of crystal-like material to me.

Personally, they could have made the chamber a bit smaller for my tastes and rational, but I'm not going to dwell on production decisions, it was effective for what they were attempting to convey in the scene.
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