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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

In the flesh

I liked this episode. It is an interesting way to show a perceived enemy, through the eyes of a friend.

Voyager finds a duplicated world, Star Trek command. Specific people were even recreated. Chakotay infiltrates the fake realm and figures out that it is species 8479. They are trying to learn to live like humans so they could infiltrate earth and attack a preemptive strike. Humans were a perceived threat since they momentarily sided with the Borg.

Janeway, with her calm self assured ness negotiates a peace with the aliens and explains their misunderstanding. They share technology as a first step toward peace.

Chakotay even gets a farewell kiss from his alien date.

Favorite part: Janeway was badass in this episode, and voyager was able to negotiate peace rather than attack for once. For an exploratory ship they often seem to be hostile, and here they were not.

Least favorite part: I would rather see chakotay kissing the captain.
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