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Re: Had we ever seen imperial democracies in Trek?

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America, Britain, etc, are not democracies. They are republics.
A republic doesn't have a monarch, that's a defining condition of republics.

America's system of government in particular was set up to prevent a democracy, as democracies invariably turn to the tyranny by the many. A representative, however, can say no to their constituents, if the representative feels that what the people want is wrong. That may come back to bite them in the rear, true, but often the worst impulses are just that, impulses, and the issue dies down.
That's what most of the world knows as "representative democracy." Whether exercised directly or through elected representatives, the authority of the state is vested in the people (dÍmos), not in the person of a sovereign.

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I hear this ridiculous claim every now and then and always wonder where it comes from [...]
IMO it comes from those who worry about political power in the hands of the "wrong sort" of people.
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