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Re: Castle Season 5 (including Spoilers)

I hate to join the chorus of underwhelmed voices since I've remained entertained throughout this season, but I have to agree. I watch this show for the Castle/Beckett interplay and so having them legitimately in a relationship has been excellent, but this finale was just... mishandled I think. The case was fairly mundane and didn't tie into any larger threads, and they had Castle acting the fool and the proposal at the end was... not a good call. I can't see many Caskett fans watching that scene and cheering and compared to the incredible final scene from last year it just doesn't work.

Still, hopefully just a (big) misstep and they'll return to form. And no more "are they going to split up???" nonsense. It's not dramatic. It's boring.

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One thing that I thought was really odd was when Ryan and Espo were working with that tech on that laptop, the camera hung on her for a couple of extra seconds for no apparant reason. Maybe they're going to develop her as a character more next season?
Yeah I noticed that too. The actress is cute, and Espo was mugging at her, so I thought they did that to show that he was into her or something.
They've actually done that several times in the back half of the season. It seems like they're hinting at her and Espo, yeah.
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