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Re: Amok Time doesn't make sense.

I understood GQ, but they were Chompers.

Smashy Crusher should be a new rock band!

I think Amok Time makes perfect sense.

Gary7 wrote: View Post
Personally, I thought it stupid for Kirk to get wrapped up in it. Sure, he doesn't want to lose his first officer (thinking Stonn would kill him), but then to have his first officer kill him? Fight to the death. And if he gets lucky and wins? Either way he loses. ILLOGICAL. But McCoy saved the day, slipping him a neural paralyzer. Knocked him out, simulated death. Even still, Kirk could have started to lose consciousness at the wrong moment and then Spock would have decapitated him once his guard was down. And no, the neural paralyzer wasn't a Kirk/Bones collaboration--no dialog to support it. He was on a path of losing either way. Really stupid.
Gary, did you listen to the episode?

MCCOY: You can't do it, Jim.
KIRK: I can't?
MCCOY: No. She said their laws and customs were not binding on you.
KIRK: And you said Spock might not be able to handle him. If I can knock Spock out without really hurting him
MCCOY: In this climate? If the heat doesn't get you, the thin air will. You can't do it!
KIRK: If I get into any trouble, I'll quit. And Spock wins, and honour is satisfied.
MCCOY: Jim, listen, if you
KIRK: Bones. He's my first officer and my friend. I disregarded Starfleet orders to bring him here. Another thing, that's T'Pau of Vulcan. All of Vulcan in one package. How can I back out in front of her?
T'PAU: It is done. Kirk, decide.
KIRK: I accept the challenge.
T'PAU: Here begins the act of combat for possession of the woman, T'Pring. As it was at the time of the beginning, so it is now. Bring forth the lirpa.
(They are presented with wicked-looking half moon blades set in a wooden shaft, with a counterweight at the other end.)
T'PAU: If both survive the lirpa, combat will continue with the ahn woon.
KIRK: What do you mean, if both survive?
T'PAU: This combat is to the death.
KIRK: Now wait a minute, ma'am. Who said anything about a fight to the death?
MCCOY: These men are friends. To force them to fight until one of them is killed
T'PAU: I can forgive such a display only once. Challenge was given and lawfully accepted. It has begun. Let no one interfere.
(And so the fight begins, first with a trial of brute strength, then a good swing by Spock slices open Kirk's tunic and cuts his chest. It is clear that the first officer will kill his captain, given the chance. When Kirk is down and unarmed, Spock goes in for the final blow.)
MCCOY: Spock! No!
(And Kirk rolls away just in time, then disarms Spock.)
T'PAU: Kroykah!
MCCOY: Is this Vulcan chivalry? The air's too hot and thin for Kirk. He's not used to it.
T'PAU: The air is the air. What can be done?
MCCOY: (holding up a hypo) I can compensate for the atmosphere and the temperature with this. At least it'll give Kirk a fighting chance.
T'PAU: Thee may proceed.
MCCOY: You're going to have to kill him, Jim.
KIRK: Kill Spock? That's not what I came to Vulcan for, is it? What's that?
MCCOY: It's a tri-ox compound. It'll help you breathe. Now be careful!
KIRK: Sound medical advice.
So, Bones did save the day, but Kirk didn't know anything about "to the death" until after he agreed. Talk about fine print, right? He has no intention of killing anyone.

KIRK: If I get into any trouble, I'll quit. And Spock wins, and honour is satisfied.
KIRK: Now wait a minute, ma'am. Who said anything about a fight to the death?
Bones took a calculated risk, but he was against the wall, should he stand and do nothing? So he actually allowed Kirk to "quit" by drugging him. Honor was satisfied and no one died. The dialogue is quite clear.

KIRK: Blame McCoy. That was no tri-ox compound he shot me with. He slipped in a neural paralyser. Knocked me out, simulated death.
If Bones told Kirk what he was doing:
1. Kirk would be dishonest.
2. The Vulcans would have heard and who knows what law would apply at that point.
The big guy with the big ax was ready to split McCoy from crown to groin if he interfered.

(Actually, I don't know that last part, I just read that in a Conan book and like throwing it in whenever I can.)

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