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I'm very happy and fortunate in terms of being able to have seen this movie not under the spell of some deluded concept and expecting "my" Star Trek to unfold before me on the screen. Of course there is no such thing as "my" Star Trek.

And what a treat. The movie is definitely a step up from JJ's first attempt. A significant step up.

Entertaining from start to finish. Without a doubt some of the best shots of the Enterprise we will ever see. Solid acting, most notably from Pine who I was a bit lukewarm on, but not any more. Karl Urban stole the show once again as Bones. A believable villain, also played very well by Cumberbatch - the scene where he's negotiating terms with Spock is instantly a classic. The visuals and CGI work are without a doubt some of the best I've seen, definitely the best I've seen from a Trek movie. The present day parallels were noticeable and appreciated by me. The humor wasn't as in your face and blunt as the last movie, which I liked. Alice Eve is all kinds of hot and actually played her role well I thought, definitely more than a pretty face. I enjoyed this take on TWOK, well executed. It also got me excited for what could possibly be next - you have the 5 year mission, the potential war with the Klingons and Khan is still alive along with 72 other superhumans. Oh and did I say entertaining from start to finish?

I think they've hit it out of the park with this one. Can't wait to see it again, that was money well spent.
All I know is thank fucking God for Karl Marx.

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