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The "message" in this movie that startled and pleased me was this one: it's immoral to kill people with remote missiles without benefit of trial. Wow...imagine that.
I guess that depends. You can do anything you want to terrorists, they aren't protected and are deliberately excluded from the Geneva Conventions. The problem really is sending those drones into Klingon territory to do it. I don't think Harrison was a terrorist, Marcus just called him that to justify his unlawful order. He rushed things along before someone called him on his orders. Dead men tell no tales. You would think Starfleet would want to capture him alive if possible see who else he is working with, etc.

Pretty topical since Obama loves using drones to off people instead of capturing them for intel, also not getting permission from the country he is targeting people in as well.


Spock Prime. It was superfluous and unnecessary but I loved it. And when Quinto asks Nimoy how they defeated him, Spock said “at great cost.” Yeah, that’s how they defeated him the second time.

But the scene cut away and I’m sure Spock Prime said, “However, in our first encounter, Khan was defeated by a lead pipe that Jim bashed over the base of his skull, knocking him into unconsciousness. Here, despite Khan’s awesome skull crushing finishing move, Spock pulls a metal handle off of the floating garbage scow and beats Khan in the face to get the upper hand. Trek destiny is fulfilled.
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