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Re: Spocks line *Major Major Spoilers*

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It was unbelievably awful, and took me right out of the film. I couldn't believe they did something so stupid.

Had Spock gone ice cold and not said a word, walked to the transporter and turned into a ragemonster when he got face-to-face with Khan, it would have been fucking brilliant. Instead they went into bad fanfic/parody mode

Spock could even have yelled "KHAAAAN!" as he fled, as a "come back here and fight me you coward" -type thing. That would have worked too.
Exactly what I thought when I saw it. He could've yelled it before chasing him through the streets, or while chasing him on those flying trucks. That would've been so much better than what they gave us.

I liked the film, but that moment was one that I tried to forget as soon as it happened. As a matter of fact, I think the TWOK scene would've worked better if there'd been a lot less dialogue to it. The only line of dialogue they really needed there was "it's what you would've done."
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