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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

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If I was a Maquis I'd be utterly pissed and resentful towards Janeway. Especially when she goes on one of her rants about Federation values and that a replicator is more valuable than my life, because I've been conscripted into her personal military and told by her that she's willing to sacrifice my life for values I don't believe in.
That is based on an assumption, we don't know what transpired between destroying the Array and the scene where we saw them all in uniform. I can and have made the case that becoming Starfleet was Chakotay's idea. For all we know they all voted to become Starfleet. You would like to believe this, but that doesn't make it true.

In fact you are also assuming that basic Federation and Maquis values are different. Based of what we have seen they don't appear much different.

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How the hell come is Lon Suder a Lieutenant?

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They were given realistic commissions, along with the subsequent privileges and benefits.
At the time people thought he was creepy, but they hadn't realized he was a serial killer.
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