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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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You repeatedly said 350m for the new Enterprise's overall length. I gave you a little more, 366m, the stated concept design size. Now you're telling me it's not enough to fit?
Here are the figures I cited at the beginning of this thread:

- Primary hull diameter = 238 m
- Secondary hull length = 189 m
- Total length (excluding nacelles) = 343 m
- Height = 97.5 m
- Max. width of secondary hull = 45 m
- Max. height of secondary hull = 39 m (measured from base of neck)
- Width of hanger deck (at doors) = 26 m
- height of hanger doors = 8.5 m
- Bridge viewscreen / window = 8.5 m
- Round porthole window diameter = 0.6m
- Diameter of "bridge" dome = 9 m
- Bridge diameter = 18m (assuming it fills the space between the two "side" windows)

Based on the measurements I made of the diagrams you provided links for, that's what it was, assuming the hatches were 2.5m in diameter. Make them an unusual 3m, and you have a hanger deck of width 32m, and a bow-to-stern length of 410m. Still nowhere near near 725m.
Here you go:

Without a shadow of a doubt, what we saw in Star Trek and Into Darkness was far larger.
Basic perspective, as taught in high school art. I even drew a comparison.
Again, your drawings show nothing except a biased "guess" of where the wall ends to suit your argument. I think you're mistaken that they actually modeled the inside of the rooms to match what you see outside. More likely, they simply superimposed an image of rooms through the window.
They modelled rooms - you can see them during Kirk's pod ejection sequence. Tobias Richter (who studied ILM's model) said theirs had 10x the detail his model does, and his is the most detailed model he's built.
There would be room enough. As I said before, we see the deck heights in the corridor junction.
I see hallways that are about 10ft tall according to the interior shots, consistent with a typical building. What are you referencing?
The large multilevel intersection of corridors in Star Trek Into Darkness, where we can see there are none of the between-deck machinery areas you've been mentioning.
Look, I'm really not against it being "slightly" bigger than the original size. But over 700m? That's just not sensible, and is simply BIG for the sake of being "BIG!!!!"
It's big for the sake of being what we saw in the movie. That's he shuttlebay we saw. That's the window we saw. You're applying make-believe standards of what's allowed and what isn't to a work of fiction - and as I said before, even in that work of fiction we have seen three sizes of the same basic shape (Nova, Intrepid and Sovereign classes), so why is it wrong to do that to the Constitution-class?
And why on Earth would ILM say the ship is 2380'/725m if it wasn't?
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