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What's Up with the Warp Core (SPOILERS Into Darkness)

What do you all think of the new visual for the Warp Core. First, it's outside appearance (looks like a modern day experimental laser induced fusion generator). Then there is the inside view, which looks like, I dunno, electricity flowing between two conduits.

This deviates quite a bit from the good old vertical warp core, with pulsing lights of future ships. Now of course in TOS, we never really saw the warp core from this perspective, and many theories exist how that might have looked like.

So, do you like this new design?

Personally, I see where they are going here, trying to give it a more realistic feel. From the outside, I can see that looking like what you might think of as a power core. On the inside, it looks futuristic.

My theory is that what we were seeing on the inside was the Dilithium Chamber itself, it's just bigger here cause it isn't as advanced. The chamber must be so big in this period you can go inside it, and the two nodes were holding Dilithium Crystals, and the power flowed between them. Though, I don't know where the reaction takes place.

At least I'm glad they are back to just one warp core, and not multiple cores, I never liked the multiple core idea.

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