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Re: TBBS Fanfic Recommendations features the works of Jungle Kitty, and her character of Captain Suzanne Brandt, a woman capable of standing toe-to-toe--or closer--to Kirk. features the works of Paul Gadzikowski, a devotee of the good Doctor in all his incarnations, and crossovers of every stripe. is by Joseph Manno, and shows the adventures of one Captain Mantovanni, commander of the third Sovereign-class starship. A large and well-developed cast of characters make the era of the Dominion War and just beyond come alive.

Having done that, I now feel safe to advert my own site, for however long it remains up in its current form : - The Rob Morris Story Archive

Among my stories are these selected 'gems' (I hope) :

The Plague - TOS/Ancient Destroyer AU - 'Operation:Annihilate' has come and gone, but all is not well, either on Deneva Three or on the Enterprise above it. Kirk's brother, sister-in-law, and infant nephew are all dead, and older nephew Peter Kirk is inexplicably still comatose. The people of Deneva Three did not survive the destruction of the parasites that had infested them. But is the tragedy yet done? If so, then why are the recent dead rising up, hungering for the flesh of the living? And how did they get on board The Enterprise? NC-17

TNG - The Great Man Stumbles - Picard undergoes a massive crisis of confidence while Riker deals with a new Federation member who no one can figure how they got in. PG

MASH/X-Files - Through Early Morning Fog I See - Was Colonel Henry Blake's death in 1952 really just a sad fortune of war, or was it part of a conspiracy that Mulder and Scully know all too well? And on whose side is elderly, grieving widower Hawkeye Pierce? Did his wife Maragret Houlihan merely disappear, or is the con artist playing all sides once again?

Voyager/Lost In Space - Along The Way - The TV version of the Space Family Robinson enter a dimensional rift and meet the crew of the USS Voyager. Will the Robinsons stay? They may not have a choice. They were more badly lost in their universe than they believed. Two of the Robinson children face a chilling fate if their isolation doesn't end. Add to all that the antics of the clownish Doctor Smith--who may not be the fool he seems--and a Chakotay haunted by Seska, wishing to make sure she's gone once and for all. Plus, is Janeway being haunted by a being whose destruction she ordered? Set just before 'Scorpion, Part One'.

DS9 - A Letter To Nerys - A year after WYLB, Kira recieves a letter from Kai Opaka that leaves her empty inside. Can her faith be rekindled?

Sarah's Modesty - An original piece detailing the trials and travails of a young 19th Century woman caught in a compromising situation. Written in the style of the novels of those times.

Hope you enjoy!
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