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Re: Could Judgment Day have been averted if Sarah hadn't called Ginger

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The timeline is a paradox. The T-800 comes back to kill Sarah due to orders from SkyNet. The T-800 is destroyed, and its advanced technology leads to the development of SkyNet.

Also, what was the T-800 going to do if Sarah had an unlisted number?
That's what I'm getting at. If the T-800 assumes Ginger is Sarah, it'll never get destroyed then reversed engineered by Cyberdyne. Unless it puts in a application at Cyberdyne and pretty much creates SkyNet itself.
But if SkyNet was never created by reverse engineering, the Terminator would never have existed to go back in time anyway. Besides it's clear that nothing can stop Judgement Day comming, given that John's father Kyle is from that apocolayptic future. No Judgement Day = no John Conner.
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