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Re: References to other Trek MASSIVE SPOILERS!!

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They did this in the last movie too, but the TOS computer sounds! I had a big grin on my face as the father sent his message to Admiral Marcus and the computer made all the 60's-style bleeps and bloops. All that was missing was the typewriter noise!

They had tons of the classic sound effects... turbolift, the sickbay computer sounds, the brig ambient noise was from the series, computers, the communicator call sound and chirp, the tricorder. McCoy's medical equipment had some original sound effects with it. The Tribble ,

Speaking of the tricorder, it was a mini version of the original.

I think I already mentioned Obsession and Kirk's reaction to Pike's death was similar to how Kirk felt about the death of Capt. Garrovick on the Farragut which led to his obsession to get the creature when the Enterprise encountered it.

The warp effect was a combination of TMP / TNG. Also when the Enterprise dropped out of warp, and then later was taken out of warp when it was attacked reminded me a little of the wormhole from TMP.

When you first see Scotty on the Vengeance, it was sort of like the scene when Scotty is on the Excelsior in Trek 3.

I also like how in most of the fight scenes they are staged like the old fights on the show.

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