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Also, given the nature of their jobs, I would hope that Galactica would have a good supply on hand for the pilots and other personell who simply couldn't perform if they were to become pregnant.
The ship was to be decommisioned(sp?), I would assume that they didn't carry a lot of suplies when the war started.
I served in the (german) Navy, and while condoms are avaiable in sickbay, if you wanted anything different its your personal responsibility and your own money.

I think that they probably have the facilities to manufacture medicine, of which BC would be a prioritiy, at least for those whose continued job performace, like Starbuck, is vital to the survival of the fleet.
The manufacture of medicine is pretty specific for different kinds of drugs, though. I am no expert, but producing hormon based drugs sounds not that easy.
If they have some sort of Labratory or science ship, and the necessary knowledge in the fleet, then BC would be a priority.
However, since Baltar seems to be the resident scientist, and he is always shown on board Galactica I assumed that they had no such ship.
As for the civilian population, that might be a different matter. Should be addressed in later episodes, I would hope, along with other issues of life in a refugee fleet, wouldn't you think?
Oh yes.
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