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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

From Memory Alpha...

Lieutenant Ayala (Maquis, relief conn)
Crewman Kurt Bendera (Maquis, engineering, 2371-2372 KIA)
Crewman Carlson (Maquis, 2371-2378)
Commander Chakotay (Maquis, XO)
Crewman Chell (Maquis)
Crewman Kenneth Dalby (Maquis)
Crewman Doyle (Maquis)
Crewman Gerron (Maquis, 2371-2378)
Crewman Mariah Henley (Maquis, 2371-2378)
Ensign Hogan (Maquis, 2371-2372 KIA)
Crewman Jackson (Maquis)
Crewman Jarvin (Maquis)
Crewman Michael Jonas (Maquis, 2371-2372 KIA)
Crewman Jor (Maquis, engineering)
Crewman O'Donnell (Maquis, 2371-2378)
Ensign Seska (Maquis/Cardassian spy, engineering, defected to the Kazon 2371)
Lieutenant Lon Suder (Maquis, engineering, 2371-2373 KIA)
Ensign Tabor (Maquis, 2371- )
Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres (Maquis, chief engineer, 2371-2378)
Crewman Yosa (Maquis, engineering 2371-2378)

These are he Maquis we know about, but I'm more worried about the Maquis which we don't know about.


How the hell come is Lon Suder a Lieutenant?
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