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A- Really enjoyed this one! Mostly positives. The characters were great. Unlike ST09, I can really buy into them as the characters they are portraying (except perhaps Scotty). There were great moments between the characters too.

The story was great. Definitely lots of interesting things going on. The SFx, as expect, were superb. No problems there.

I was expecting to really enjoy Cumberbatch, and I did. However, all the comparisons to TWOK really reminded me that I just preferred Montablans (sp?) portrayal of Khan over Cumberbatch's.

There were so many references to the original series, and movies, that they definitely treated the franchise with respect.

In the end, this movie was probably the best it could be with the rebooted characters. I don't mean that as a slight at all. I was impressed with how much I could connect with them after just 2 movies.

However, it's just hard to compete with characters/actors that we've watched for decades vs just 2 movies. Some of the meaningful moments just meant less because with just a few hours of screen time, I was less invested in the characters.

So, great movie! Really enjoyed it! Can't quite compete with the best of the non-reboot movies through no fault of their own.

Mr Awe
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