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Re: Dragons: Riders of Berk discussion thread

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The line that really stayed with me from the film was when Hiccup says: "Everything we know about you is wrong." It's a very, well, 'Trekkian' moment, and you can almost feel the weight of an entire culture being to tilt just with that one realization, and in many ways the show is about well, yes, radical change CAN occur, but what are the consequences of that?
That's what I loved about the movie -- the message that intelligence and compassion are better at solving problems than brute force. And the series does continue that theme pretty well.

My only question about the show is: Where are the rest of the Dragons? It seems like the only dragons on Berk are the ones tamed by the kids, plus now Thornado. At the end of the film and in the first episode of the show there were heaps of them. Even when they went back to Dragon Island there were no other dragons. Have they just... spread out?
I've noticed other dragons showing up here and there in the series, but the show doesn't have as high an animation budget as the movies and thus can't show random dragons wandering around all the time.
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