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Re: Novels based on the movie cast.

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That does make one wonder if this dispute is what killed the books.
I've been wondering this two. It certainly seems more plausible then the "didn't want to step on BR's toes while they were developing the sequel" line. Problem is, although Abrams Trek is the primary focus of IDW's Trek line, BR seems to have no objection to when they go back and re-visit Prime Trek, like they did last year with Assimilation-Squared and the TNG Hive series.
Well, I get the impression from the article that their issue was with TOS specifically, not TNG-era stuff or ENT. But IDW has continued to do TOS-era stuff to an extent, with the Legion of Super Heroes crossover and a Kirk-era flashback in the Doctor Who crossover.

Also, Pocket did go ahead with the Abramsverse Academy novels, although it was a different imprint aimed at a different demographic.
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