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Love how the Enterprise has torpedo tubes on the side of the secondary hull. She can fire broadsides like an ancient galleon! Just one of the many many cool aspects of the film.
See, that just makes sense to me, too. Having weapons only in the fore or aft of the ship is silly, and leaves much of your ship unprotected.
I'm still on the fence about the broadside tubes. In the old galleon days they made sense because most combat happened close, and a cannon fired a dumb projectile.

The torpedoes in Star Trek are smart, in the sense that they can be aimed in various ways (preprogrammed to hit a target a certain way). I think the only advantage of the torp launchers shown in STID is the sheer number of projectiles that can be fired off simultaneously. We've gone from 2 front and 1 rear in the prime universe, to 2 front, 1 rear, and 6 on each side.
I didn't look at it in the sense of delivering side by side broadsides like galleons, I thought of it more like the high capacity vertical launch missile cells on modern destroyers, cruisers, subs, and so forth. If the torpedoes are capable of maneuvering to hit the target, why restrict them to a couple of forward or rearward facing tubes with a limited fire rate when you can have dozens of redundant launchers each capable of being loaded individually? That way you have a much higher rate of fire, and if some launchers are incapacitated, you have several more still operational.

On the flipside of that, and going back to your original point, if you are in an up close and personal battle with a nearby ship (which is not realistic in actual space battle terms, but fits within Star Trek), having fore, aft, port, and starboard facing torpedo tubes allows you to fire in all (horizontal) directions (unless they have vertical tubes too) while requiring little maneuvering by the torpedoes, which means they can conserve fuel and attack at higher speeds since they haven't been turning to reach the target.
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