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Re: Star Wars and Doctor Who fans clash at convention

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Trouble flared at the fourth Norwich Sci-Fi and Film Convention at the University of East Anglia, organised by Norwich Star Wars Club.

Police were called after members of the rival Norwich Sci-Fi club arrived to get autographs from two Doctor Who actors at the event on Sunday.

Norfolk Police confirmed officers attended and spoke to both parties.

A spokesman said they had been called to reports of a man being assaulted at the convention.
Star Wars and Doctor Who fans clash at Norwich convention

One thing is for sure; if there had been Star Trek fans at this convention, they would have mediated peace.
Or it could have escalated into an actual brawl. Consider, a Jedi and two Stormtroopers are staring down a Doctor and two Daleks. Or two Cybermen, or whatever. It is a tense moment. Then a trio of Klingons bust in, swinging their bat'leths and all holy hell breaks loose.
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