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Re: Novels based on the movie cast.

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^ I'm actually shocked that Bad Robot would have even expected them to stop making products based on the original series.
I'm not. It fits the arrogant image I apply to Abrams and his cohorts.
Well, to be fair, this is the first time that Bad Robot has been involved with a franchise that had an earlier incarnation that was still a going concern in tie-ins. The only previous thing they've done that they didn't create themselves was Mission: Impossible, and that didn't have anything coming out besides the movies. So maybe instead of arrogance it was just not being used to having the "competition."
So, ignorant instead of arrogant? That works.

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That does make one wonder if this dispute is what killed the books.
I've been wondering this two. It certainly seems more plausible then the "didn't want to step on BR's toes while they were developing the sequel" line. Problem is, although Abrams Trek is the primary focus of IDW's Trek line, BR seems to have no objection to when they go back and re-visit Prime Trek, like they did last year with Assimilation-Squared and the TNG Hive series.
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