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Re: TBBS Fanfic Recommendations

Posted by Naraht:
Oh my! Do you have any other authors that you'd like to recommend? I was rather hoping that people would use this thread to recommend good stories that they had read, instead of promoting their own fiction...
Well, we are our favorite fanfic author and the nearly dozen assorted fanfic awards we've received would suggest that other people think our stories are good enough to be recommended reading. We checked the rest of the post and saw that around a fourth of the individuals who posted mentioned their own work, so we didn't feel that it would be out of line to list ours.

This was really just an FYI for people who have been reading our stories here so that they know about all of our stories in the order in which they occur (even the ones that are too naughty to put even edited versions of here ) and a link to our websites for their convenience.

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