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Re: Let's get back to Roddenberry's trek

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I'll concede that Enterprise's characterization was completely lacking on so many levels, but the post-Roddenberry TNG and DS9 was Trek's finest hour in my opinion.
Finest hour eh?

I always found the characters in DS9/VOY and later TNG cringeworthy, sort of the characterisation and acting panache found in a eary 90's straight-to-video movie.

This made Trek unpaletable to millions of others who refused to go see Berman era trek, as the characters were totally charmless and unengaging.

The most successfull TNG era/Post roddenberry movie I believe was First contact, where a bunch of pale actors in rubber suits walk around like they had a carrot stuck up their behind and not say a word upstaged the main cast.

Just sums up the characterisation of post-Roddenberry Trek.
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