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Re: Post here if you actually loved this movie!! SPOILERS!!!! -

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I think we need a positive thread section cause all the old trek nerds are going NUTS with their nerd rage
This is a fine way to frame this thread, and I'm quite happy to see a thread like this exists on TrekBBS amidst the expected unhappiness. Acknowledging that some negative reactions to the movie are far overblown is definitely fair.

I very much liked this movie. I think parts of it were overdone, but it's also a summer popcorn movie and anyone wanting to see longwinded discussions of the Prime Directive or trade negotiations with the Nausicaans is completely misguided. Of course the 2nd film would take on the most iconic villain of TOS -- this is the Batman Begins/Dark Knight model, and one that I fully expect the new Superman movies to do as well.

It was a solid *movie* first and foremost; well-acted, well-paced, and well-written. Was it good Star Trek? Certainly better than any of the Next Generation films, and, IMHO, better than any of the TOS films other than Wrath of Khan.
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