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Re: Game of Thrones 3.7 - "The Bear and the Maiden Fair" - Rate & disc

Just like the other writers, GRRM gets an outline produced by Benioff and Weiss and writes according to it, and once the script is submitted they're free to alter it during filming however they like. (Some of this week's scenes, including the bear pit, were belatedly imported from other episodes and are by B & W.) I suppose if Martin really deeply objected to something he might ask for it to be changed, but since he's evidently made his peace with something as counter to his basic vision as the Talisa storyline, I doubt he'd bother.

That said, I am surprised they gave him such a nothing, talky episode to write. The only scene of much import was, as I said, not in the original outline.
he just doesn't convince me as anything other than a modern-day sadist. Still can't quite sum it up.
What gets to me is what I called "over-elaborate TV-psychopath mindf***ing." The particular sort of mental manipulation that the boy is doing is stuff that happens in bad serial-killer movies more than it does in actual instances of psychotic torture, which are much cruder and more consistently violent. There's a false sophistication to what's happening here, as if the boy were Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs. But Hannibal Lecter only played the mental games he did because he was behind bars; once he got out it was back to tearing faces off.
Egg, I dreamed I was old.
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