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^Hugh. Like as in Hugh Laurie (House, M.D.)

I'd have ended that episode with them uploading the paradox cascade into the Collective, and the Collective immediately dismissing it as irrelevant and deleting it without a second thought.

All that "should we/shouldn't we" angst being built up over the episode being all for nothing would have made a far more satisfying resolution, in my opinion.
I was about to disagree with you here. Ready to use Picard's reasoning with Necheyev - would you have our heroes commit genocide?!

But then I thought about it and realised that it would not have been genocide. There are no innocents amongst the Borg. They cannot be reasoned with. If we had a chemical weapon that could wipe out all of Al-Quieda would we be wrong to use it? I don't think so as they are all sworn to kill us, they are all enemy combatants, they have made their choice (I suppose some Borg never had a choice) and we have to protect ourselves, pre-emptively if needed.

I didn't like I, Borg because they weakened the Borg and it led to the terrible Descent. But the debate I've just had in my own head says that there is more to this story than I've given it credit for. I think I will enjoy rewatching it when the HD version comes out.
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