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ucip been simming 10 years the griffin needs u

For over 10 years UCIP has provided STAR TREK fans with fun and
exciting simulations.

Put on your uniform, graduate from the Academy, sign up for duty with
the Confederation and BOLDLY GO . . .

I'm James Woomer, First Officer of the USS Griffin. We SIM on IRC,
Friday nights at 10 pm EST. Alot of positions are open, check out our
website and I'm sure you'll find one which you'll like. Our ship
carries Marines as well, so that's always an extra possibility for you
to choose.
If you can't make it Friday, there's a UCIP SIM every night of the
week and even by Email.
If you're in for a great adventure, there is a Romulan and a Klingon SIM.

So feel free to email me or IM me for more details so check us out.

The Griffin site is under reconstruction, so please keep that in mind
while browsing!
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