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Plus, given Kara's sexual history, one would hope that she has a fairly good handle on birth control methods, and I would also guess that a civilization with advanced tech would also have highly effective BC. If no, then my respect for the character goes out the door.
Well I am pretty sure the colonies had very reliable BC, and I do not think they will do a pregnant Starbuck storyline this early.
An interesting question is do they have reliable BC in the fleet?
I am sure both Galactica and the cruiseships had some in storage, plus the personal stock of the passengers.
However considering a lot of the passengers have no real job to do, the lack of recreational facilities and human nature I would assume they are going to be out of BC pretty quickly.
And while they have refinery ships and some such, I do not think that they have a jump capable condom factory somewhere in the fleet.
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