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I have finally seen the movie, and wow... I was blown away... I totally loved everything about the film..! I think the characters were very well written, especially the dynamics between Kirk and Spock; their evolving friendship and the theme of self-sacrifice forms the heart of the film, and to me, this felt more like ST than most other ST Movies... It's a shame that so many reviewers are over-analysing story details, just like what happened in 1980 with The Empire Strikes Back... It may be hard to imagine now, but back then, TESB got very mixed reviews...

STID reminds me somewhat of Monsters Inc. If you analyse the story, it makes no sense that there's a CDA, since the head knows that children aren't poisonous... Over analyse story-details of Monsters Inc. and you could come to the conclusion that it's a bad plot and therefor a bad movie... But then you miss all the wonderful humour, and the wonderful chemistry between the characters... For me, STID is the same.
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