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Re: Game of Thrones 3.7 - "The Bear and the Maiden Fair" - Rate & disc

I voted Excellent, probably somewhat generously. I gave that vote largely on the strength of Jamie going back to save Brienne, a scene I loved in the books and loved here and also on the basis of the hilarious Tywin/Joffrey face down. Tywin, you are such a bad-ass.

I was actually surprised to see that GRRM had written this episode, given several of its developments. Firstly, the pregnancy and secondly Theon's torture scene. I haven't found Theon's torturer all that convincing and this episode made me decide that it must be the actor, rather than the writing that doesn't work for me. Someone earlier referred to him as the Samwise lookalike. That's part of it - he's like a cross between Samwise and Frodo - but he just doesn't convince me as anything other than a modern-day sadist. Still can't quite sum it up.

In fairness, I didn't think that the scene with the two whores was one of Martin's more convincing pieces of writing and I was surprised that the emasculation happened so early on and was so blatant here. In the books, it was heavily hinted that he had been castrated or had his penis chopped off but never so graphically spelt out. It was only last week that the torturer began chopping off fingers and I would have left such a horrific, character-defining mutilation further into Theon's ordeal, as a sort of climax to it all. How much worse can it get for him, given how much he fancied himself as a stud muffin?

I see that Theon later turned up on Craggy Island:

Seeing as we're talking castration and all that (well, Guy is) - how does one pee without a peepee?

The actor playing Quyburn has a nice line of 'banality of evil' going on with him.

Oonagh Chaplin's bum is a thing of beauty. That is all.
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