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So did Spock mind meld with the dying Pike to comfort him? That's how I saw it, he saw Pike was afraid and reached out.
That was my take on it. Unlike what someone else posted, I don't feel that he did it just to experience what someone felt when dying. Having done that though, of course it would impact him, but he wouldn't have done it other than to comfort Pike.

Pike was more at ease when Spock melded with him. It helped him to die, if that is possible.
That reminds me of a bit I loved in the final fight. Khan has Spock's head and is doing his skull-crushing finishing move, and Spock counters with a mind meld! Khan screamed and let go. Spock was fighting dirty. It was awesome.

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And, can someone answer this question, what were those vehicles that Spock and Khan fought on.
I'd been wondering that too. My guess is automated trash haulers, kinda like we saw in Firefly. I don't recall seeing any windows or hint that there was a driver.

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There were a lot of strange craft flying in San Francisco and London. Before the big chase between Khan and Spock, there was that weird vehicle that looked like a flea lifting off the ground.
I can't wait to get the DVD and see what easter eggs they snuck in there. The last movie had the First Contact Vulcan ship and an ENT Romulan Bird of Prey in the Narada's hangar, and an ENT Vulcan ship zipping through the sky on Vulcan.
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