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Re: so ST 11 is another timeline

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I'm beginning to think this is completely different Universe,even before the Narada showed up. There are too many inconsistencies in technology for this just to be a different branch of the timeline from when the Narada shows up.
This entire timeline is a direct continuation a century later of the series "Star Trek: Enterprise," which itself was embroiled is several temporal incursions and a temporal cold war (including the destruction of Florida by an alien death ray). Plus "Enterprise" itself was a direct continuation of the altered timeline created by the Borg a century earlier in "Star Trek: First Contact," so this alternate timeline started two centuries before the Narada ever showed up. This was not the original TOS timeline up to that point -- it was the "First Contact"/"Enterprise" timeline.

This is not even the first alternate timeline that has been depicted in Star Trek over the last 735 episodes ...

Remember TNG's episode "Yesterday's Enterprise"? That depicted the original timeline, where the Federation was losing a war with the Klingons, when Lt. Yar took the Enterprise-C back in time and created an alternate timeline by saving the Klingon outpost, permanently cut off from her own future, and creating a whole new timeline where the Federation did not go to war with the Klingons.

That is exactly what Ambassador Spock and Nero did in the last movie. It might even have been the same black hole phenomenon that sent them back in time. So all of TNG, DS9, and Voyager were set in an alternate timeline; "Yesterday's Enterprise" was the only episode that depicted the original, unaltered timeline, before anyone changed the past.

So yes, the timelines have been altered numerous times for more than two centuries before "Star Trek XI" even began. Even if Nero had never appeared, this would still be the altered "Star Trek: Enterptise"/"First Contact" timeline, not the original TOS timeline. is offline   Reply With Quote