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Posted by Dorian Thompson:
Um, Dorian, who says that just because Anders is coming back that they are going to revisit Caprica?
Ummm, Ron Moore. He implied it. Yes, they're going back and I doubt that Anders is a cylon. It's for Starbuck to be more feminine and have a "love interest." Sheesh. Yes, I'm irritated that she suggested it but I'm far more irritated with David Eick for agreeing to it. Yes, they're irretrievably lost and drifting in space in despair from all that they've lost, but they can zip back to Caprica whenever they want for beer, tampons, and resistance fighters with big muscles who can't act worth a lick. What a dud of an idea. Anders a cylon? I wish. But I'm not counting on it happening, America. Love interest for Starbuck city. They're going back to Caprica so Starbuck can have a love interest.
I know that Ron Moore implied that the actor would be back. I also know that he will probably be reprising the role of Anders. And I realize that this was at the request of Katie Saackhoff.

But I also know this:

1. From all appearances in the episode the Farm, the resistance cell was attacked, but only Kara and some of the women were actually captured.

2. Doctor Simon, the doctor who Kara first saw when she woke up, told her that she had been carried in by Anders and that Anders had died. So, how did this doctor know Anders by name? And more importantly, how would he have known that Anders might have meant something to Kara?

Yes, the attack might have been a coincidence and the cylons might have gotten lucky with the capture of Starbuck. But everything about the attack screams intentional and pre-planned ambush. For that to have happened, the cylons needed inside information.

Of course, later on, Doctor Simon messed up by calling her Starbuck instead of Kara and of course, that is how she knew that Simon was a cylon. But what I don't understand is how they knew Ander's name.

Then, there was that statement from Sharon that maybe they would put Kara with someone she liked. The look on Kara's face when Sharon said that was like: There's no way I'd ever fall for a cylon.

Kara has been openly vocal about her disapproval of Helo's relationship with Cylon Sharon.

So, it would be really ironic if Kara finds out that she is pregnant with Ander's baby and also that Anders is a cylon.

America (and this is why I suspect that Ron Moore would do exactly that)
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