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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own ris

Um, Dorian, who says that just because Anders is coming back that they are going to revisit Caprica?
Ummm, Ron Moore. He implied it. Yes, they're going back and I doubt that Anders is a cylon. It's for Starbuck to be more feminine and have a "love interest." Sheesh. Yes, I'm irritated that she suggested it but I'm far more irritated with David Eick for agreeing to it. Yes, they're irretrievably lost and drifting in space in despair from all that they've lost, but they can zip back to Caprica whenever they want for beer, tampons, and resistance fighters with big muscles who can't act worth a lick. What a dud of an idea. Anders a cylon? I wish. But I'm not counting on it happening, America. Love interest for Starbuck city. They're going back to Caprica so Starbuck can have a love interest.

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