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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

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And Lost In Space had a good premise. It just had campy, moronic scripting and production.
Okay, Voyager suffered from "Gilligan Syndrome". It had a premise that basically meant the one major goal of the series could never be accomplished without ending the show because they never bothered giving the show any other major plots beyond that.

And even the "Lost in Space" folks realized that having the crew all be antagonistic to one another (The Robinsons vs Dr Smith) wouldn't work after a while. The reason they made Smith a buffoon and ended the internal conflict was because they realized it was unsustainable. Same for the Fleeter/Maquis conflict, that wouldn't have lasted more then 1 and a half seasons even if they went for long-term conflict.

Yes they should have been able to make new torpedoes, but the massive energy reserves it takes to power a starship, the constant repairs, the morale problems. They were never low on power after the fifth episode, the damage they took in one episode never persisted to the next episode, single crewmembers dying never reduced the number of people on the ship.
Well, they go by Suns and Nebulas all the time. Those are easy sources of power. It would've been nice to see them do this, but saying they had no way of replenishing power is...well, wrong.

They also shot themselves in the foot by having the "No Support" thing in the premise. No Support means they can't ever fix any damage to the ship, and no fixing means the show would be over in less than a season.

As for morale, this sort of thing has happened before to Kirk and Picard. They both returned home safely and quickly, so they knew there was a precedent.

And the Maquis immediately accepted Starfleet regulations, only addressing that in Learning Curve and then disappearing completely.
See above, the Maquis conflict wouldn't have realistically lasted very long anyways.
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