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My feelings about Star Trek: Homefront Wrath Of Khan

I liked the way the characters related to each other, and obviously the visuals and action sequences were awesome. And the greatest change JJ Abrams has ever made to the Star Trek universe: He brought the prime directive back to sanity. It's okay to save aliens' lives so long as they don't see you! Screw you Phlox!

The plot on the other hand was kind of messy. They tried to tell two stories at the same time and they cockblocked each other. One story did the whole 'We can not become evil to stop evil' thing with the actor who played that exact same villain in both 24 and Enterprise. Then they did the Khan story. These are two movies, not one. JJ Abrams needs to learn if you want to shove a huge amount of stories into the same world you need 120 hours of time to play with.

Also, the fanwank and all the direct references to scenes of Wrath of Khan were cool, but you don't get to lean on scenes from previous movies when you're trying to reinvent a franchise and do your own thing. That would be like if Batman Begins had scene for scene references to Tim Burton's Batman.
BB did have a lot of references to the comics though..
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