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Re: Would you use a transporter?

I agree. people won't convince anyone here, but it is fascinating to see how different the views on personality, consciousness and continued existence are.

To me it all comes down to this:
My conciousness and personality (which is subject to change every second in very minuscule ways) are a property of my brain.
If I disassemble it and rebuild it else where it will continue to function.

Everyone here is comparing this to houses and cars...

But it is a lot closer to a computer.
if you take it apart and and break it down into every single component, transport it to the other side of the world, and reassemble it exactly the way it was before every bit of information on the hard drive would still be there and the program that runs the AI would still function.

What we perceive as us is a product of our parts. And it is produced continually but doesn't exist independently.

Or try this:

Your consciousness and personality is a river that keeps on flowing.
If you stop the flow by putting a plug into source it will stop until you unplug it again.
You don't get a new river... it is still the same one.
That's how I see what we are.
And that's why it would make no difference to step into a transporter. the product of the brain after transport is still me.
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