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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

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Voyager went wrong when they decided not to commit to their exciting premise.
The original premise was just "Lost in Space", though.
And Lost In Space had a good premise. It just had campy, moronic scripting and production.

I was excited after Caretaker, but then they decided to throw away the survival aspect and the tension between the crew and make it TNG lite.
The survival stuff partially didn't make sense (Honestly, WHY can't they make new torpedoes?!) and the tensions between the crews was never going to last more than 2 seasons or so. Especially once DS9 killed off the rest of the Maquis.
Yes they should have been able to make new torpedoes, but the massive energy reserves it takes to power a starship, the constant repairs, the morale problems. They were never low on power after the fifth episode, the damage they took in one episode never persisted to the next episode, single crewmembers dying never reduced the number of people on the ship.

And the Maquis immediately accepted Starfleet regulations, only addressing that in Learning Curve and then disappearing completely. They only addressed the difficulty of maintaining Starfleet morality when you're isolated and alone in one very early episode then they never questioned it again.
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