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Re: Dragons: Riders of Berk discussion thread

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Yeah, I've become considerably more fond of the show than I was when I made my initial post. I've seen the movie since then, which helped get me invested in the world. But some of the episodes have been really well-written and really well-animated. I'm hoping that in this case, unlike the usual pattern, the sequel movie will be consistent with the TV continuity, alluding to some of its characters and elements or at least not contradicting them.
I'm really glad to read this post Christopher as I've come to really respect your viewing choices and have been following your blog posts on older shows and so am happy to hear you are enjoying the show (and have seen the movie!) It feels like Dreamworks is making a concerted effort to have the series link up with the first film so hopefully they will continue that tradition with the second film (at the very least have Stoic riding Thornado!)

The line that really stayed with me from the film was when Hiccup says: "Everything we know about you is wrong." It's a very, well, 'Trekkian' moment, and you can almost feel the weight of an entire culture being to tilt just with that one realization, and in many ways the show is about well, yes, radical change CAN occur, but what are the consequences of that?

I was reminded of this as I just watched the episode where all the Dragons become ill, and Stoic looks at Thornado, sighs, and says quietly: "I spent my entire life trying to kill you." It was a beautiful moment, as good as anything in the film.

My only question about the show is: Where are the rest of the Dragons? It seems like the only dragons on Berk are the ones tamed by the kids, plus now Thornado. At the end of the film and in the first episode of the show there were heaps of them. Even when they went back to Dragon Island there were no other dragons. Have they just... spread out?
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