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Re: Joss Whedon's S.H.I.E.L.D to ABC!

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Someone at Bleeding Cool had an interesting theory. J. August Richards could be playing Michael Collins (aka Deathlok). It's clear in the trailer that the tv character has some kind of cybernetic implant in his arm (possibly alien tech that could be spreading over his body with time?); and the Collins Deathlok from the comics had assistance from SHIELD in improving his condition.

All just theory, though. It would take a different interpretation of Deathlok to make it work, but there's a great deal of dramatic potential (especially if the character dies but the tech brings his body back akin to the corpse like Deathlok). Can Michael find his humanity again after that? Lots of dramatic potential; and the kind of surprising heartfelt twist I would expect from Whedon.
I wouldn't mind this one at all. As a kid I read the Astonishing stories original version of Deathlok, Colonel Luther Manning, and loved it. Always wanted to see an onscreen version of the character, even if it differed from the comics.
Completely agreed. Deathlok in the 70's was a cool concept--I have a few old Astonishing issues from the Luther Manning version. When I met Rich Buckler Sr. at a comic con in the nineties, I got him to do a fast Deathlok sketch in my sketchbook. Very cool.

And the Michael Collins version was better IMO. A pacifist scientist who discovers that the company he works for is making a cybernetic remote soldier, killed by the company to protect the secret, and they use his brain for their next test...a pacifist trapped in a killing machine. The miniseries in the mid nineties was so well done. I'd love to see a new adaptation.

Well they have used Deathlok quite a bit in the X-Men comics of late though - so I dunno where that puts the character with Fox - if they pick up an issue of Wolverine and the X-Men and see Deathlok - looking exactly like this guy above - and go "hey that's an X-Men character, OUR'S!"

I'm thinking either Luke Cage or just a new character. As much as I'd like to see Luke Cage - I dunno, I think he'd need to be bigger and have more swagger. Honestly he's never been *that* deep a character - needs that Blaxploitation sorta edge to him. Personally just save him for an Iron Fist/Luke Cage/Misty Knight/Colleen Wing/Shang-Chi story - because that whole quartet is so heavily based on old 70s exploitation film.

Although I'm thinking they could base him, I suppose, on the new kid that's taken the 'Power Man' moniker I guess.
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