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Re: Would you use a transporter?

I have to admit, I really don't get the argument of the people saying they'd be fine with using a kill&copy transporter. Sure, the person at the destination would think they were you, they'd have all your memories, and everyone else would think they were you as well. From their perspective, nothing has changed, and there is no difference.

Unfortunately for the person who stepped into the transporter at the departure point, they are not able to revel in this sense of continuity and oneness, what with being dead and all.

Once you step into a kill&copy transporter, your life is over... hence the name. You don't emerge at the other end, or anywhere else. Ever. The new version of you continues on unaware.

As a thought experiment, say the transporter is able to create the copy *without* killing you. Now a version of you exists at both the departure point and the arrival point. Both validly claim to be you. Do you see out of both sets of eyes? No, they are discrete people. What if someone now murders the version at the departure point? Yeah, the version of you in that body is gone. Sure, the destination you is fine, and it wouldn't affect them at all. But that's cold consolation to departure you. And that's basically what a kill&copy transporter does, except the departure you is killed at the time of transport, rather than after the fact.

(Now that i type that out... I think that may have actually been the premise of a SF story I read once.)

Anyway, as has been mentioned upthread a few times now, the transporter in ST does not appear to be a kill&copy type, probably to avoid this very issue.
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