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Just got back. I really, really liked it. No major complaints whatsoever. It has its wonky moments, but no more than any other Star Trek film, and fewer than most of them.

The riffing from TWOK was nowhere near as bad as the detractors are making it out to be. Based on what I've read online, I expected literally a precise line by line rehash, which it was not. In fact, I really loved Kirk's death scene, and I loved nuSpock's KHAAAAN.

I absolutely loved what they did with brewgineering and the warp core. I loved the broadside torpedo tubes.

I loved McCoy's medical uniforms with the red cross insignia.

Carol Marcus makes a brilliant addition to the crew.

There were so many things I loved about the film.

Three of the biggest problems were (based on my first impression of the film):
1. Where was the Klingon defense force? Was it the destruction of Praxis that depopulated part of Kronos and hobbled their ability to adequately defend their borders? If the film answered that out loud, then I missed it the first time around. I would have preferred that it directly address those issues, especially given that the Klingons were being set up as an existential danger to the Federation. Saying whether the Klingons were a threat because they'd been pressured by the loss of Praxis, and saying whether that really was what's left of Praxis, might have been helpful, too.

2. Scotty being able to sneak aboard the Vengeance seemed like a minor plot hole. Nothing to make a lot of hay about, though, because it's no wonkier than certain elements in every other Trek film.

3. The idea that Khan had to be captured alive, because he was Kirk's only hope, seemed far fetched, because I counted 72 other chances for Kirk to get a transfusion. Now, granted, maybe all 72 were incompatible, or maybe their blood didn't work the same way, but glossing over that seemed a bit overly dramatic.
More to come in the days, weeks, and years ahead, I'm sure. I'll be seeing it again. I wasn't really impressed with the 3D, overall, although the overall look of the film was fantastic. I'll try to catch it in 2D at least once.

I think it's better than STXI, which I guess therefore definitely puts it in my top three Trek films, and maybe higher. I'm going to hold off punching a grade, until I've seen it at least one more time. Without a doubt, though, it's at least an A-.

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